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ArchivePosted by Frederico Penteado Thu, April 19, 2012 17:02:14
Today, Lu Ming, a tutor, approached me with a very particular request. She wants to know if I can get her any resource, books, websites about the subject of creativity. "The students and tutors are low in creativity", she added.

I agreed to help her since I could not do anything else to such poignant although naive request.

The definition of creativity itself is very difficult and proves to be an epic task. There may be plenty of books about creativity by philosophers, psychologists, neurologists, theorists of all kinds but all of them fail, I risk guessing, to give a final answer to that question. There is the also the question if "creativity" really exists, since it might mean that we "create" as if we would do something from nothing like gods, or if we rather "discover" new things, new perspectives that somehow were already there.

Whatever the answer may be one thing is for sure: creativity implies disobedience, non-conformity to the rule, the upsetting of established views and norms. It also implies a high degree of individual autonomy, a freedom that those creating grant to themselves. That is why Plato expelled the Poet from his autocratic utopia, the Republic, because the Poet upsets the order, he invents things, he imagines.

And of course there is no formula to turn someone into a "creative person". It is my opinion that it cannot be taught or demanded but only stimulated, fostered, given space to roam.

Fish grow according to the size of their aquariums: we cannot expect to have a shark inside a bowl of water. Or grow a forest within a fenced and roofed garden.

I have little idea how to help her, apart from pointing my own efforts with my students, but I will try.

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