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WordPosted by Frederico Penteado Sun, March 23, 2014 14:07:49

I'm not sure how many people read or take any interest in what I write or show here but in the end it does not really matter (although I really thanks those who did), it could be just 1 or 1000. I do it for a "virtual" viewer or reader so to embody or rectify it in my mind: it is akin to the psychotherapy process of allowing your therapist in your mind space as a confessor or watcher for an inner dialogue. Even if the "therapist" doesn't say a word, it is there. Its cathartic presence is what is most important. It would not work if I put it down on paper and lock it in a drawer, I would forget and leave it.

I have decided that this blog is old, it does not reflect anymore what I am doing and is technically impossible to organize it as I want. So I decide to end it and create a new one and if anybody is interested just click here:

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